4. mar. 2024


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Viken Technology Cluster changes its name

Viken Technology Cluster changes its name

Viken Technology Cluster changes name.

Viken Technology Cluster changes its name

In a time where collaboration, innovation, and technological progress shape the future for our participants, Viken Technology Cluster takes a clear position through the launch of its new identity as NECIA - Norwegian Environment for Commercial Industrial Alliances.

After a fall with many discussions with business leaders, a strategy with solid anchoring among our companies has emerged. Therefore, we are pleased to present our new name and profile: NECIA - Norwegian Environment for Commercial Industrial Alliances.

In NECIA's mission from the companies, there is a recognition that the future for our companies cannot only be built on alliances between businesses and technology actors, but is completely dependent on close collaboration with the education system and the public sector. If we succeed in creating good workplaces for our young and hopeful, we do it best by collaborating with the education system and students early. If we achieve this, our companies will succeed in growing internationally, developing groundbreaking world-class innovations on a scale like never before.

The story behind NECIA is inspired by ENIAC, the world's first computer, and the ingenious women and men behind this revolutionary invention. Similarly, NECIA aims to be a place where innovation, collaboration, and technological progress are at the center. Our goal is to attract the smartest minds, create a platform for long-term collaboration between companies and the education system. We are the bridge builder and springboard that will enable success.

With the introduction of our flagship program, VOXTRY, we strengthen our commitment to supporting companies with global potential and ambitions. VOXTRY is designed to provide industrial anchoring, access to new customers, and the financing to realize new industrial companies.

The name change from Viken Technology Cluster to NECIA symbolizes a new beginning and a promise that we will deliver on our mission in close collaboration with our companies. We at NECIA are humble in the face of the task, but at the same time feel confident that together with you, we have the prerequisites to create many new opportunities.

It is an exciting new chapter for all of us, and we in the cluster look forward to working closer with you in the time ahead.

Tore Ausland
Managing Director