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Empowerment of tomorrow's engineers: NECIA Tech Cluster and Helix NMBU collaboration

Empowerment of tomorrow's engineers: NECIA Tech Cluster and Helix NMBU collaboration

At the heart of a groundbreaking initiative to shape the future engineering talents, NECIA - Norwegian Environment for Commercial and Industrial Alliances - has entered into a strategic partnership with Helix at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). This collaboration represents a concrete measure from NECIA's side to promote growth through collaboration and innovation, by directly engaging with those at the forefront of tomorrow's technological advancements.

Helix NMBU Team
Helix NMBU Team
Helix NMBU Team

Helix NMBU has set a goal not only to participate, but also to excel in Formula Student competitions. With a desire to design and construct a car that challenges creativity and expands both practical and theoretical knowledge, Helix symbolizes the type of initiative and ambition that NECIA seeks in its partners. Helix's goal of encouraging future engineers through concrete project work aligns with NECIA's commitment to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

As a catalyst for industrial growth and innovation, NECIA understands the value of investing in the next generation of technology players. Through its work in connecting businesses, the technology sector, the education system, and public agencies, NECIA has established itself as a key player in strengthening industrial growth and global competitiveness. The collaboration with Helix NMBU underscores NECIA's role as a springboard for new talent, by facilitating practical learning opportunities directly relevant to industry needs.

This partnership provides Helix with access to NECIA's extensive network and resources, including financial support, industrial advice, and marketing. But more than that, it offers a unique opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in real projects and prepare for a career in an increasingly competitive and technology-driven industry. For NECIA, this represents an investment in the future – a commitment to develop the skills and expertise necessary to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Helix's participation in the Formula Student competition is an example of how practical experience and academic learning can be combined to create exceptional learning outcomes. By designing, building, and competing with their own car, students gain invaluable opportunities to explore complex engineering challenges, develop teamwork skills, and demonstrate innovation and creativity. The competition not only emphasizes engineering work. The team also has to present and defend their design choices to a panel. Formula Student challenges students with teamwork, project management, financial management, time management, and presentation. This helps students develop the qualities future employers are looking for and gain invaluable practical experience that will be beneficial in their future careers.

For NECIA, the collaboration with Helix is evidence of their commitment to supporting education and innovation that leads to real industrial growth. By helping to realize Helix's ambitions to participate in and excel in the Formula Student competition, NECIA not only strengthens the local talent pool, but also the global competitiveness of Norway's industry.

The collaboration between NECIA and Helix NMBU is more than a partnership; it is a joint effort to ensure that tomorrow's engineers are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and experiences they need to drive future innovation. Together, NECIA and Helix are working to create a brighter future for industry and education, demonstrating the power of collaboration between academia