14. mar. 2024


André Tandberg






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The future of education and industry in the region

The future of education and industry in the region

In the heart of Østfold, something special happened yesterday. Representatives from the Østfold University College, the Østfold Vocational School, and NMBU came together under the leadership of Necia (formerly Viken Technology Cluster) for a day dedicated to the future of education and industry in the region. It was a day where theory met practice, and conversations about further education flowed as naturally as the coffee down the throat.

We discussed how we can use existing educational offerings to elevate the region's industry to new heights. But it didn't stop there. Our conversations revolved a lot around the importance of making further education more accessible and how to motivate lifelong learning in a time of rapid technological change. With a half-life of 3-5 years, education has become a perishable commodity, so further education is more relevant than ever, and the need is only going to increase.

The most exciting part? We ended the day with an agreement to collaborate to strengthen our educational offerings. We are now opening up for the industry to contribute more directly to make education not only feasible but also deeply relevant to the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

In a world where industrial digitization shapes the future, we stand together to create a bridge between education and industry. This is the beginning of a journey where we together build stronger, more relevant, and future-oriented educational offerings for everyone, ensuring a brighter future for education and industry in Østfold.